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  1. GokhanEser

    Scale the font!

    Ok, I understand. But resizing will be a problem using from transform panel.
  2. GokhanEser

    Scale the font!

    Oo, This is not good news.
  3. Am I forgot something? I can't scale the font in the transform panel. How do I make using the transform panel? Thank you! Ekran Kaydı 2019-08-06 21.10.12.mov Ekran Kaydı 2019-08-06 21.10.12.mov
  4. GokhanEser

    Ongoing export issue

    Ok, I understand. Thank you!
  5. I mentioned this problem before, but this problem persisting in grouped objects. If objects are grouped, then a mask is applied to these objects, an error occurs after we export the file. Adsız.mov
  6. How do I align stroke, corner or dashes adjusting to lengths fit?
  7. Can a "scale with object" button be applied in the area I specified? We forget to mark it every time. This causes the problem in the next process. Exp: Very practical in the Stroke Panel.
  8. Absolutely necessary. Temporary solutions always cause problems. AD is really running a successful process. We are pending practical features.
  9. I can't comfortably choose the objects. I can't collect after breaking the ungroup. It needs a lasso tool. Is there a way to collect these objects? Ekran_Kaydı_2019-05-04_14_43_15s.mov
  10. How do we do Block Shadow? As far as I understand this feature is not available. Actually, it is a much-needed feature.
  11. walt .farrell, thanks for the help. I like to see the privileges of this program. Solved this problem. Thank you!
  12. Features of text not protected. In the other application, the features I copied are protected. Is there anything I can do about it? Because this is a good feature to accelerate my work. If in AF is not available, it is necessary. Ekran Kaydı 2019-04-29 13.11.42.mov
  13. Do you have any knowledge of when the text or object warp is coming? Everyone waiting a long time.
  14. GokhanEser

    Effect copy of layer

    I want to ask one more thing. The properties I copied are changing in different layers. The values I set are changing. Do you have any information about this?
  15. GokhanEser

    Effect copy of layer

    Yeah, that makes sense. Anyway, I've assigned a shortcut and made it easier. Thanks for the help.

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