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  1. Thank you @v_kyr I will review them again. As you mentioned, it can help solve this problem. Thank you again.
  2. Hello, v_kyr I've tried, the results are as follows.
  3. Hello Callum, You can check the file. Untitled-1.afdesign
  4. Hello, I'm having a problem when I export a svg asset. Is something going wrong? There is a margin in svg files. I cannot use these files in web based application. Ekran_Kaydı_2021-01-17_14_09_08.mov
  5. Hello, Please watch the videos. Is there a problem here? I always have these problems with masked files. Ekran_Kaydı_2021-01-04_22_29_54.mov Ekran_Kaydı_2021-01-04_22_23_56.mov
  6. Thank you! This is a highly annoying problem. The magic mouse is very sensitive, and I cannot avoid this problem.
  7. Can I add a different shortcut for Canvas Rotation? This feature caused trouble when using the designer. I click involuntarily and the canvas rotates.
  8. Hello, There is no problem when text align-left but, I can't give space when text align-right. Thank you! Ekran_Kaydı_2020-09-03_14_43_34.mov
  9. I also see such a problem when I export. Ekran_Kaydı_2020-08-11_12_36_49.mov
  10. Hello, Version 1.8.3 did not have this problem. I am using version 1.8.4 now. And this problem exists in all texts (fonts). If you want I can send this file. Ekran_Kaydı_2020-08-11_12_20_39.mov
  11. Thank you for your replies, Yes, this is caused by a rounding error. I have tested it many times. Instead of dragging with the mouse, it's needed to use the transform panel. The problem is solved. Thanks again.
  12. Hi, I don't know if this is a problem but, when I want to complete the rotation I see the distance progressing disproportionately. For example, I edited it as 5 degrees, it needs to continue as 5-10-15-20... Is there a problem? Ekran Kaydı 2020-08-05 15.34.52.mov
  13. Thank you for your help. The Alignment Handles is a good option in this regard. So is there a way to make it constantly active? I have to activate it in every new document.
  14. I'm already using Alignment in AFD. I have to renew the options every time. For example, I was able to continue with the last selected before but now this is not possible. Is there a way to align the object I want?
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