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  1. Mixbox: Practical Pigment Mixing for Digital Painting Hopefully a future version will achieve a similar effect with mixbox. Mixbox - Practical Pigment Mixing for Digital Painting (scrtwpns.com) scrtwpns/pigment-mixing: Practical Pigment Mixing for Digital Painting (github.com)
  2. Export Timelapse feature +1 A very useful feature. Hope it's ready sooner rather than later!
  3. Try to close enable pointer support。 使用数位板的时候,如果遇到鼠标无法点击的问题,可以尝试关闭光标支持选项。
  4. win10 C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\*\1.0 assets.propcol 资产fills.propco 色板(样本条)objectstyles.propcol 样式raster_brushes.propcol 笔刷vector_brushes.propcol 矢量笔刷macros.propcol 库doc_spread_presets.propcol 文档预设 filler_text.propco 填充文字autocorrect.propcol 自动修正title_exceptions.propcol 标题table_formats.propcol 表格格式 Use MEGA/Google Drive to sync brushes, styles, assets, and other data.
  5. 他们工作的时间不长,因为疫情他们好像是在家办公。一个功能修复要好几个版本才能修复,有时候还负优化,修复一个功能,然后另外一个功能又坏了。
  6. 特意去B站搜了一下,是不是火鹰阿吉。。没想到真的是你。烦死了!各种BUG。
  7. Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta - (RC2)。。Still for the solution
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