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  1. Hi, Except for HPDT (High Performance Desktop) Segment (AMD has taken the performance, efficiency, and and price-performance crown now, and Intel is just less stuff for more cost), Everything (and Everyone) else IS moving to ARM. Apple has its iPhone, and and iPad segments on Custom-ARM chipsets, and soon Macs, the and MacOS will be transitioning to Apple-designed Custom-ARM chipsets. That's a boatload of the "Creative/Content/Arts" Device Segment. Microsoft is, with the introduction of the Microsoft-Designed Custom-Arm SQ1 Chipset in the Surface Pro X running an ARM64 compiled version of Windows 10, the upcoming Android-based Surface Duo will likely have either a Snapdragon (Qualcomm ARM Chipset) (likely an 8cx or the Microsoft-Designed Custom-ARM SQ1 Chipset)... Future versions of Windows 10 (based on CoreOS and having better operability with a Read-only OS, the and Sandboxex App Environments) will also be on ARM64 natively. So, let's see if Apple is moving to a let's say 90% ARM Chipset based device ecosystem, Microsoft is transitioning Windows and future-facing devices to ARM64, and "the rest" of the world's devices that don't run AMD/Intel x86-64 are ALSO running ARM64 on ARM-based Chipsets, shouldn't Serif ensure that ALL OF THOSE DEVICES can run a version of Affinity (Suite) apps on them? Otherwise, why bother? Serif does have a bit of time, but the Surface Pro X (first ARM64/Custom ARM Chipset based Surface device running Windows On ARM) has launched, the Surface Duo isn't launching until Holiday 2020, we don't know if the Surface Neo will run on ARM, but AMD, and or Intel, and the Surface Pro X is the first in a "Category Example" for PC Makers of a 2 in 1 Convertible PC running Windows On ARM natively on ARM64 on an ATM Chipset, and signaling that their iterations are now welcome, but and expected. One of the 2 new "Dual Screen" category of Surface Devices will at least run Android on ARM, future Microsoft and PC devices will be running Windows On ARM and do so natively compiled for ARM and ARM64. Samsung. They already have a new ARM based Laptop running Windows On ARM. Their Android Phones run on Samsung-designed Custom-ARM Exynos, and and Qualcomm-designed Snapdragon ARM-based Chipsets. Their S Pen Stylus-equipped (4096 to 8192 levels of pressure styluses) Note series is huge, but and a huge number of stylus-equipped devices to take advantage of for Serif, and the Tab S series of S Pen stylus-equipped Android-based Tablets... And soon with the Surface Duo, the Android Tablets with Dual Screens that can leverage the Surface Pen or Surface Pen X On ANDROID! For Serif to ignore the very fertile ecosystem developing for ARM would just be a titanic failure of leadership and engineering. Besides, the Affinity (Suite)/Photo is almost missing the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to position itself as THE premiere Photo Editing Solution on Android (with whichever Stylus the artist prefers: Apple Pencil, Surface Pen (X) (all the protocol-compliant Third Party Styluses that are compatible with the Surface Pen besides Wacom's Styluses), S Pen in many iterations... I think it would be foolish for Serif to miss such a timely opportunity.
  2. Will Serif consider the option of creating iOS or Android OS versions of Affinity Photo? Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher welcome to the Party too, would like to use either Android for the upcoming Centaurus debut next year, and Samsung for the Note Series with the S Pen Stylus, or also, of course, iPhone 11/12 with support for the Apple Pencil. As the world of technology gravitates further toward ARM64, on all platforms, apparently, with Custom ARM SOC's the new "golden child" of Technological Design (due to their excellent performace-per-watt/battery-length/efficiency/and now Teraflops on the CPU/GPU/and now NPU (Neural Processing Unit) of these Custom SOC's) I would like Serif to expand to a more portable environment for their Apps, of course, after their Desktop (MacOS X/Windows 10) DAM (Digital Assets Manager) is completed. Please forward this interest to the Engineering Team.
  3. Dear Serif, Affinity Suite arguably needs a Digital Assets Manager. With Studio Link is this on your radar? I would think something along the lines of Adobe Bridge? Personally, closer integration with Phase One's Capture One Pro would be welcome. Round Trip from Capture One Pro would be very welcome. Other notable ideas would be a Video App. Affinity Film or Affinity Director or Affinity Splice are some ideas I am offering for the title. Another would be a Lightroom competitor, from the comments seen on the Affinity Live Event that launched Affinity Publisher. Since my Stills Photography needs are met by Capture One for RAW Development, and Retouching by Affinity Photo, I would like to see a Video Editing App from Serif. I can't stand Adobe, their Creative Cloud software rental model, or their nightmarishly illogical software design. I find Affinity much more approachable. Congrats!
  4. I would like the Sliders in Affinity Photo to be more Keyboard Friendly. I would make it so the Left and Right Arrow Keys on the Keyboard could move the slider 1% at a time with a single keypress, 5% at a time with a modifier and a keypress, and 10% with an additional modifier and keypress. I would also like percentage markers on the slider to indicate 10% marks to make the Sliders more informative and helpful. the TINY up and down arrows next to the Sliders are not useful, especially on a 4K monitor at 100% resolution. I would change them to have: 1. The slider bar with markers for percentages 2. Left Button (to reduce percentage) 3. Right Button (to increase percentage) 4. an Input Box where you can click and manually type a value with the Number Pad. An excellent example of this functionality is LightZone.
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