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  1. @AndyS I have sent a email with the psd file and expanded what I found to support@seriflabs.com. Hope you can check the problem, thanks.
  2. @Andy Somerfield I saw the text layers, but it didn't show. The content was created in Chinese, if it shows in Arial font, I think it would be some square blocks with correct font color, but I saw nothing in the canvas. Thanks.
  3. Hi, my name is Jude, I'm a front-end developer. I tried opening the psd file received from my designer and the file contains some font that I haven't installed. Affinity Designer then said: Some fonts for '01.index.psd' are missing. The document might not appear as you expect. The following fonts are missing: DFMingStd-W3 MicrosoftJhengHeiRegular After pressing "OK", I found that all text layers didn't exist. When using Adobe Photoshop, even if I have not installed the extra fonts, I still can see the text layers and copy or change the contents. Wish we can use Affinity Designer with the layer's information correct, at least. Thanks.