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  1. A quick effort with Affinity Designer.
  2. Concerning this same issue, I too was surprised that it only works in in the Pixel persona now. However, I was pleased that by using Ctrl + Shift + click now allows ADDING additional layers to the resulting selection. (In 1.6 only a single layer could be selected.) But, I still find no way to SUBTRACT a layer from the resulting selection. Have I missed something or is this still not possible?
  3. Since I am slowly but surely becoming more comfortable using AD, I thought I'd try my hand at drawing a car. Your comments/critiques/suggestions are welcome. TIA
  4. Ketchup? Mustard? Onions? Bacon?
  5. Thank you all for your helpful comments. You encouraged me to delve a bit more deeply into the AD Pixel Persona. Based on your input, I made some changes to the image. Better?
  6. I became a student of vector art when I purchased Affinity Designer just 2 months ago. Here is one of my first efforts. Any constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.
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