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  1. MEB, Thank you for your prompt response. I must have accidently checked the box when browsing through all the menus to get familiar with the software. My apologies, on the bright side I now truly understand the function of (Monochromatic iconography) . I wanted to say I really enjoy using Designer and Photo. I am in the process of moving my projects over to Affinity and making the suite my main go to for my projects. Thank you again. Oggholla
  2. I apologize if this exists somewhere else but I was unable to find it searching. I just purchased both Designer and Photo. This is occurring in Designer only for now. Im not sure how to say this concisely. Here is my attempt. All the tool icons on the side and all the menu icons above have all lost their color. The are all in grayscale now. It doesn't appear to have affected the performance. As far as I can tell they function the same. Oddly if you go to customize tools or menu bars options they appear in color but as soon as you exit the icons all go back to a grayscale colorless state. Again
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