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  1. Kenstogie

    Export not working?

    Thanks Dm1. I was thoroughly confused.... I have always used windows and got this iPad Pro for light audio (garage band) and on the go photo.... so thanks I appreciate it greatly
  2. So I export as a jpg (for example) to the “on my ipad/ photos” folder Sure Everything looks good and I think it works but when I go to that location to email just browse the photos I edited in Affinity. ..............But NO jpg! What am am I not doing correctly? thank so much!
  3. Kenstogie

    Export as jpeg? Where are the files?

    I have to add that some photos just weren’t appearing in the photo roll even ones I took with the native photo app on my iPad Pro.... I was able to find a fix on the web but only part of this was user error, which makes me feel better .... a little anyway ..... cheers!
  4. Good afternoon all... If I take a raw/dng photo on my iPad Pro in whatever program (Lightroom for iPad in this case) how do I open the raw version in Affinity photo to make adjustments? Could I just use Affinity photo to take the picture? Would there be a better program to use? Thanks you smart people!
  5. Kenstogie

    Export as jpeg? Where are the files?

    ... and there they are ....the entire time..... guess I am used to windows and android more......thanks for the info...:)
  6. Kenstogie

    Export as jpeg? Where are the files?

    Thanks Dan c.... can’t I just save them on the iPad to be able to send and post them and the like? And how do I see what’s on my local iPad storage? Thanks again....
  7. So I go through the “export as jpeg”process, maybe adjust the quality a bit to keep the file size down maybe not.....(exactly as the video tutorial explains). and then hit save to my iPad under photos. (Or to the cloud too) BUT no photo ever shows up under photos.....everything appears to be working but where’s the jpeg? now I am no expert on iPads but I am not a newbie either...... what am I doing wrong the rest of the software works flawlessly so so far so I think it’s somthing I am or am not doing.... thanks for any help you can give
  8. I try this on my iPad Pro and everything happens just like in the video but the photos never show up...I look under the photos icon, save them to ...on my iPad/ photos or even the iCloud but nothing ever shows up......what is going on? Other than that i seem to be getting the hang of it...