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  1. Publisher is pretty great so far, but my layout is covered in blue boxes from text frames. I can hit space to hide them temporarily, but at some points in the workflow I want bounding boxes GONE unless an object is selected. Is there any way to do this? Or at least change the color to something less glaring? I didn't see anything obvious in the View menu or preferences.
  2. Interesting, thanks... that sure is what it seems like. The dude will abide... but I hope they can make this more clear. Still, from a cold start I was able to be productive in my first session. Pretty cool!
  3. I am confused about how linking works in Publisher, when you edit your linked objects while inside Publisher. If I create a new Publisher doc and Place a simple Designer object in it, I can then double-click on the Designer object and edit it. Cool. I can activate the Designer Persona and use those tools. Super cool. But in the Resource Manager, it shows as Linked... and the changes I make inside Publisher are not reflected in the source Designer object. So it's linked, but it acts like it's Embedded when you edit it, because my edits don't trickle down to the source object. Then, if I update the Designer object in Designer, the Publisher notices the change and the placed copy updates... erasing the changes that I made inside Publisher. If I edit a Linked object, do I still need the source file or does it become Embedded? What are best practices for working with this system?
  4. Thanks, can't believe I missed that. I just realized--part of the problem was at some point during my search, I was in Designer mode, which of course conceals Publisher's menus... StudioLink on top of unfamiliar apps will take some getting used to!
  5. One of my frequent tasks is creating user interface mockups. It is very common for me to start with a bitmap image, and use a few pieces to make something else. For example say I grab the Edit controls above this post, and paste into Designer: Now I want to grab a couple of the icons in that image, and turn them into objects that I can easily move around: There are many ways to accomplish this... for example I did partial screen grabs and pasted the new images into the document. I have also seen suggestions to use masks and export slices in Designer. But those threads were pretty old now... Is there a faster way to get a destructive crop, or copy/paste part of an image, all inside Designer? I know I can use Photos for any kind of pixel operations, but the vector nature of Designer, and better text controls, are a big benefit for this kind of work.
  6. Horseflesh

    Introduce Yourself

    I was really pleased to find these forums. A good user community, and a company that engages with the community... well, both are really valuable, and you definitely lose at least the latter when you sign on with the big guys. I will definitely raid the Resources area!
  7. Horseflesh

    Introduce Yourself

    I am a long-time Adobe user who stumbled on a community of really happy Affinity users, and after I looked at the products I can see why. During the sale I ended up buying Photo and Design for myself, and Design for my wife's Mac, plus the book, as she wants to learn design stuff. This looked like a great way to get her started. Oh and then I got the iPad apps too, why not, and that probably contributed to me getting an iPad Pro the other day, too. Adobe is still the devil I know but it is really nice to have such affordable, quality apps. The friendly licensing is great too. My primary uses are photo developing, making designs for laser cutters and vinyl cutters, and brochures/business graphics. Glad to be here!

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