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  1. I'm proud of you guys AND gals for you taking responsibility for your own property lives and so on. I can't believe that some people are so worried about saving on line, but then leave their equipment out for thief or fire. I lock, backup and store my camera, software and, photos in my safe when not in use. I can't trust any company that stores my info, because as honest as the company maybe there is always someone who works for that company that is not honest.My brother-in-law (I wont say who he works for ,but he has dealt with some government security) and well I say don't trust anyone.


  2. I dropped my Adobe because it's really a lease. That would be like Apple and Microsoft made you pay monthly premium to use your computer or you auto maker charging you a fee too use the car after you payed for it. I still use my old Light room before they started charging. I just wish everyone would drop photo shop. I under stand if they would come out with new technology and sold a new version. I don't use any cloud service. Reason 1 is I don't trust anyone with my photos. I backup my photos on my own backup drive. Drive is payed for plus it's cheaper than paying out the money every month. I just feel when you buy something it's yours. I bought my Nikon D850 and Nikon isn't charging me a monthly fee.

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