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  1. If you create keyboard shortcuts for the Rotate Left and Rotate Right menu commands in Photo, you can then bind dials/touch rings on tablets to those keys so the dials work for canvas rotation. This is how the Cintiq Express Key Remote works with Photoshop's canvas rotation feature too (Photoshop has undocumented hotkeys of Alt+F14 for Left and Alt+F13 for Right, 15 degrees each like Photo). I've replicated this on my XP-Pen 22R Pro's dials and it's working great!
  2. Yep, same issue here - clicking the Slices panel hangs AD. This is a fairly simple design with a couple of art boards and a linked SVG placed in it.
  3. If I enable "Force pixel alignment" in the Snapping options, it seems to almost completely break snapping. I say almost, as if I'm very careful sometimes a snapping guideline will appear if I mouse-over the exact "snapping" position (as if the "Screen tolerance" had been set to 0) - but at any zoom this is impossible as positions are no longer exact, and it doesn't always work either. When I move objects around I see the edges of their bounding box go red/green as they move, so what I'm assuming is happening is that the objects are always snapping to every pixel, and this is overriding all other snapping points. The only non-standard thing about my system's configuration I can think of that might affect this is that I run with my MBP's display set to "Scaled" and "More Space", which essentially turns off the Retina-ness of the display.
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