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  1. I have a similar/the same probelm, although I interprete it as unsharpness. It's really annoying, although I understand that building an alternative to adobe isn't easy.
  2. I realized that just exporting text ends up with 100K. But a page with an image on it will have K been split up into CMYK CORRECTION: When I double click the text (an embedded pdf, see above), and export the text from there (filetab is headlined as "embedded"), the text in the pdf has 100K. How can then have the same effect when exporting from the normal document view? I'm sure if the text was not embedded as pdf, the problem would not occur
  3. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work. Although I realized that the document color mode was wrong, setting it to cmyk and exporting as PDF/X-4 still yields the same problem. Inspite text color being 100% K
  4. BTW The text appears to be 100% K in my afpub file. It has been delivered by a friend as pdf, which I placed into my afpub file. ( The reason for this being he is a typographer and uses InDesign)
  5. Hi, I read this topic, but I cannot figure out the solution to my problem anyway. I want to print a book with cmyk photos and black text, but the text appears to be made up of cmyk after export. Can somebody help me? To export this page I used the PDF/X-4 settings. testblack_.pdf
  6. I'm missing a function to fit pictures to a frame. (Sorry if in case I'm blind and it already exists.)
  7. I replaced all images in the folder linked to a project in order to have the linked images in my .apub file replaced. This leads to a prompt where I can decide to search for them or open the resources window with further options. What ever I choose the pictures in the file are updated, which is good. However the program crashes after various durations of time. It would be great if you would fix tihs. (Saving the file with a different name doesn't help.)
  8. Is it possible to display the path to the image files used in an *.afpub? In InDesign if I remember correctly the window you could add for this was called "links". (It also displayed info like image resolution, color space etc.) THX
  9. Right! Stupid... I guess I was stressed and then confused. However the question about the missing pdf "printer" is still valid and the important one. I think there'll maybe a good one that you can find somewhere and download for free. However IMO it is mandatory that it comes out of the box! Thanks
  10. Thanks v_kyr, that nearly worked for me. But the imposed PDFs have a strange white margin on some pages that come solely from its process not from Apub.
  11. Thanks for the replies. But have you got an idea how to create a doublesided, imposed PDF? Tha seems not to be working at all.
  12. Hi and thanks for the reply. I have windows and want to use Apub for creating a PDF with the Book or Booklet function (not sure what's the exact difference). InDesign (on Windows) this worked by using Print Booklet function. In APub I see there's the book(let) option in the print menu, but I cannot choose a pdf printing option (Print to file) nor pair this with double-sided orinting As said I had the idea to try installing drivers for "printing to file". The printer driver`s / "virtual pdf printers" I installed (partially from https://download.cnet.com/s/pdf-printer/ ) were: Bull
  13. Hi I have a V E R Y urgent issue: I have to create a doublesided --book(let)-style pdf (that means imposed) but I can't create from the printing menu. Obviusly this function should be located there, as bookprinting is featured as an option. However I cannot select virtual PDF printer. I tried installing 4 different "virtual" pdf printers I found at cnet.com, but it didn't help. Can you please help me with this!!
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