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  1. Is it possible to display the path to the image files used in an *.afpub? In InDesign if I remember correctly the window you could add for this was called "links". (It also displayed info like image resolution, color space etc.) THX
  2. Right! Stupid... I guess I was stressed and then confused. However the question about the missing pdf "printer" is still valid and the important one. I think there'll maybe a good one that you can find somewhere and download for free. However IMO it is mandatory that it comes out of the box! Thanks
  3. Thanks v_kyr, that nearly worked for me. But the imposed PDFs have a strange white margin on some pages that come solely from its process not from Apub.
  4. Thanks for the replies. But have you got an idea how to create a doublesided, imposed PDF? Tha seems not to be working at all.
  5. Hi and thanks for the reply. I have windows and want to use Apub for creating a PDF with the Book or Booklet function (not sure what's the exact difference). InDesign (on Windows) this worked by using Print Booklet function. In APub I see there's the book(let) option in the print menu, but I cannot choose a pdf printing option (Print to file) nor pair this with double-sided orinting As said I had the idea to try installing drivers for "printing to file". The printer driver`s / "virtual pdf printers" I installed (partially from https://download.cnet.com/s/pdf-printer/ ) were: Bullzip PDF Printer Free, Virtual PDF Printer, PDF Printer for Windows, GreenCloud printer and WOndershare PDF Element. Firstly using them didn't help for printing booklet from Apub's print menu. You can e. g. send single paged pdfs to the virutal printer, which then can be further exported from the driver's on UI. But that didn't work for several reasons: partially, because usage was restricted (freemium, trial version) or because double-sided "printing" didn't work either. Sorry no screenshots: I uninstalled all drivers already, and have to find a solution ASAP.
  6. When I replaced images in a publisher file. the ones in "portrait format" were inserted as landscape, minimized to fit the image box. I opened these in affinity photo turned them once anti-clockwise, then back and saved them. After this they were inserted correctly in Publisher. PS: I think there isn't a function which is very useful in InDesign when you want to replace/ relink your images. There you can use it to replace every image in the file at once by linking it to a another folder ( that has image file with the same names in it).
  7. Hi I have a V E R Y urgent issue: I have to create a doublesided --book(let)-style pdf (that means imposed) but I can't create from the printing menu. Obviusly this function should be located there, as bookprinting is featured as an option. However I cannot select virtual PDF printer. I tried installing 4 different "virtual" pdf printers I found at cnet.com, but it didn't help. Can you please help me with this!!
  8. CarlosK

    Booklet Printing issue

    Hi, I can't select print to pdf form my print menu. How can I get this integrated? In a post above somebody has this option.