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  1. I'm not skipping any pages. Want to absorb it all; miss nothing. It's a learning curve, is all. Page 90 and I'm selecting all seven layers of the Rocket to Group but after half an hour of a half a dozen failed attempts to Group the layers I browse my cursor over the Edit All Layers symbol and think, what the heck, … tick it. It's a learning curve Onward, …! I also received the Workbook two days after ordering. Surprised.
  2. T'anks. I went to the very beginning of the book, where the first reference to Resource files were mentioned, thunking I missed something.
  3. The Affinity Designer Workbook states the file name for the Resource files to download, for example core_skills_artboards.afdesign but one requires a complete Internet address. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbdulgcctlvxkio/Screen%20Shot.png?dl=0
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