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  1. Hi guys, first off, let me start by saying you guys are really doing a great deal of work with the affinity suites... Super great products, I bet you don't need anyone telling. 

    So, I've got an idea which I'm sure has come to your minds but would like to know what the plans are, or something if it's ok to share. 

    I watched an interview video on YouTube talking about affinity products with the CEO (not sure). But one of the things he talked about when asked questions about creating a video editing software and sorts, he said not sure for now, since current affinity products were designed on a certain type of platform that doesn't support videos and animations yet, which yeah I understand. 

    Actually for me, I think affinity shouldn't really invest into video software since there are a lot of options already there, and building a brand new platform would take a lot. 

    This topic is about a website design software. Something that (just like publisher) is designed for creating websites just like the now discontinued Adobe Muse but with modern looks and touches like Adobe XD and Webflow. It would be super awesome to have a software that is offline based and powerful to completely create stunning professional websites without coding, I think that would really be another big hit for Serif. 

    Since publisher is possible, I think making a website software soon and fast wouldn't really be as challenging as building a video app. I believe the platform or code room is there (don't really know the terminology for that). Designer has some great responsive tools that is used for website layout and mock-up, and publisher has tools for managing page linking and all that good stuff, I think it would really be awesome to have a software that tackles this. 

    Just like Designer with many of its features built in, I think a website design software that has all the useful features for creating professional featured built in would mean a lot to a lot of us (hoping a lot of us wants this too). Adobe Muse was a great app, is still is but discontinued and depended so much on widgets and add-ons. Building a web design software that tackles this to a huge extent would be awesome. 

    Again, I believe affinity already have the database and platform to create this software and would be super happy to see this hopefully in 2020. 


    Thanks guys and again, great apps so far... Incredible team. 


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