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  1. Ditto here...couldn't get off the ground. Any time I'd copy and paste text into a blank text frame with say, 2 columns...CRASH!! (Mac OS ...APub Version Just experimented with a text frame without columns: Success! I add one more column and so far, no crashing... Very frustrating bug.
  2. Using latest upgrade on APub Beta 1.7.283 installed today. Pasted text from a 2-column pdf file into a simple APub text frame (no problem) then made text frame 2-columns (Crash!!!). 3 attempts; identical results. Then tried to do same by pasting without format and never made it to the column click after pasting...crashed immediately!! Btw, on opening this APub beta, the small splash screen appears (no problem), but then press command N and the splash screen lingers (!!!) Many presses of ESC key and the flash screen disappears and I can access the New Document db... Ugh!

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