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  1. multimedia

    Document lost on smb server

    Hi Ben, thanks you for the reply. As for now ( 15.04.2019 ) 1.6.5 is currently the newest version for Mac, I will have to wait patiently... Many thanks for your reply and your consideration regarding this. Have a nice day
  2. Depending on the zoom, a stroke is not fully rendered... please see images in attachement, it might be a better explanation: the 2 blue vertical strokes have same strokewidth and are part of the same group. the right one one is the copy paste of the other.
  3. multimedia

    Document lost on smb server

    I am trying to do my best to work with this limitation... but copying the file into local repository and moving back to server is not an option. Is there any way/option i can choose in order to load the whole file into memory ?
  4. multimedia

    Document lost on smb server

    Hi MEB, Thank you for your answer and explanation. What you have indicated is my workaround.... can it be possible that, in order to know on which document i am working on, to indicate the path of my document in the window title ? Kind regards and thank you for this software !!!
  5. when working on an smb server ( connected with cmd+K smb://<same_NW_server-IP-addr>) i can work but after a few time ( 30 min or so ) when i want to save it, ( althought the network disk is still connected ) Affinity-designer tells me the document is lost and will now close the document. - All the work i have done since last successfull save are lost... When i try to reopen the document, Affinity-designer tells me it can't open it because it's open in another application ( file is locked ) - I have to quit Affinity designer; disconect the NW-share; reconnect NW-share; reopen Affinity-Designer, re-poen the document; redo unsaved things; until next unsuccessfull save... ( It is very anoying since the application doesn't ask to save it somewere else and just closes the document ) DIRTY WORKAROUND - In order to avoid this, i have to copy the document in a local place ( on my computer ) - make my changes - copy it back to the server PS: i don't have the same problems with abny of other applications ( ex: libre Office / Adobe Premiere / ffmpeg etc... )