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    The Coolest Filters for #AD

    Thank you very much for these Filters. They work awesome. :-)
  2. Oops... sorry Don't know what happened...
  3. Hello everybody, I have a problem that has probably been discussed here several times. But unfortunately I can not find a solution. I like to use designer on the ipad lately. I have not managed to import purchased styles (Frankentoon) yet. Every time I try, the system collapses. I read elsewhere that you can only import styles if Photo and Designer are installed on the ipad. Is that correct? Will that be improved in an upcoming update? Many thanks for the help.
  4. Hello Lee, thanks for the answer. That's exactly what it is that does not work. I import the file from a cloud, the app crashes and nothing is imported. I use a 1st generation Ipad Pro and ONLY Af Designer druf, no Af Photo. Has someone the same Problem?

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