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  1. Hi MEB, I don't need half pixel placement actually, it would be enough if full pixel snapping would work. Okay, I choose two corner nodes on a retancle and choose the nodetool(A) and drag the border. This is what I'm doing wrong. In Illustrator you can drag borders with two choosed nodes, if the white arrow is used. But in AD you become a beziercurve from the borderline. This is different to illustrator. A round beziercurve it can't snap to the raster. I appreciate your help!
  2. Hi, I want to snap the blue line to the pixelraster, so that the curve is not positioned between two pixels. I need this for exporting graphics to web using to get a better quality on straight lines.
  3. Hi, I have the same Problem. I have activated the snapping in the Snapping-Manager. But if I set my view to pixels and also the pixelraster on I have no snapping on my curves. What do I'm wrong? Cheers PS: How can I post small previewimages? :)
  4. Hi, on my installation I have to press alt instead of shift for a constrain scale. How can I change it to shift? It is a little bit confusing if alt is the key :). Cheers
  5. Hi, @herbert123: How will it help that photoline can change the GUI-color?
  6. Hi, if add a new document my artboard will not have borders. How can I show an border around my artbord? If I set borders at the settings on zero it will not displayed. only if I take it from my printer but this are not helpfull. Kind regards
  7. Hi, I use now AD since it is published for the first time. But the dark UI is a biggest mistake in the AD because I get a claustrophobic feeling if I see it. And this is not a great enviroment to create creative thinks. Is there no possibility to add an slider to change the UI color? Kind regards
  8. Hi, I would make a circle fill it with an gradient an make another circle for reflexes. Finish :).
  9. Hi, on Affinity Designer I have a problem to show the artboradborders. How can I switch theses borders on? King regards
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