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  1. Same that Walt's attachments: fi_FI.aff, fi_FI.dic, hyph_fi_FI.dic. I remember that I have to delete something text one of these files before it works.
  2. I have got hyphenation working in Publisher in Finnish. But Spellcheck is problem..
  3. There is so many videoeditor programs in world and it is so different program that need lots of work so I don't expect Serif do that soon. I like that Serif now get Publisher real alternative to InDesign and add it more features future. DAM software and maybe Photo/Designer/Publisher to Linux or Android could be better idea than videoeditor program. I use Resolve and I like that same program have Fusion and Fairlight inside Program than Publisher now have Photo and Designer. Of course it could be nice that Serif and Blackmagic would make something co-operations to help workflow.
  4. I tried to make masking in Publisher photo persona. But then I press mask button it shows area it not same as I selected. And I tested it same in Affinity Photo and there is not any problem.
  5. How Publisher multipage document open in Designer or Photo? Have 1.7 Photo and Designer page selector? Betaversions opens only one page.
  6. Thanks to Affinity team from Finland! Only thing I have missed most is photo captions, but I hope there is that option some day too.
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