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  1. I've tried but VueScan couldn't find the scanner that I had hooked up to my Mac. Two years ago the same thing happened and I thought they updated the software so I installed it again & it still can't read my scanner (I've asked for a refund but they won't give it to me)
  2. But the things is that for some reason my MAC can't seem to read my scanner. I've trying to find a driver that works with Mustek Flatbed Scanner SE A3 USB 1200 Pro on Catalina. Before, I was using ImageAcquire on Mojave and I had no problems using my scanner. I'm asking if anyone else has a similar scanner and found a driver that works on Catalina.
  3. I just updated my Mac OS Mojave to Catalina and now my scanner driver ImageAcquire is not working. I really need to use my scanner for scanning drawings and also scanning papers for my parents. My scanner is a Mustek Flatbed Scanner SE A3 USB 1200 Pro (It's big enough to scan comic board paper) and I know that Affinity Photo has an Acquire Image option which can allow me to scan my stuff but I don't know how to set it up. Do I need to have a special driver installed or there's a way to set up my scanner so I can scan through Affinity Photo?
  4. Hi, I was thinking about getting Affinity Designer & Photo to replace Photoshop CS5 & Illustrator CS5 that I have on my MAC. But I know I can get it at the Apple App store but does it make a difference if I get it from the App store or from the Affinity store?

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