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  1. Hey! I'm having problem with Hexa colour, when exporting it ! So when I try to export something with the #808080, it usually becomes #7f7f7f. On my test, the #7f7f7f can become something else To check, I'm using the colour picker inside Firefox. I tried with Gimp too, same crazy result ! The goal was to use it as an alpha channel... in Gimp, because it can export it to a game texture .dds DXT5. The only format that can be ok to export the #808080 was on my case .gif Gray. You will be able to find all my files in the .zip file attached, to check the colour exported, and the .afphoto to be sure ! If gray file, I can't make #808080, or a pure 50% black............. Do I need to understand something I don't know ? Thx for your help ! 808080.7z Here are different export from the same file, you can use the browser colour picker if you want
  2. Thx all for your answers and tests on your computers ! I'm trying to manage those colours because a game is using this code on an alpha channel for a specific purpose, and I'm trying to hunt the problem that is causing the 0 result on my different tries. So I want just to be sure this is not a possible cause of my problem. And found this little "bug"... I'll go to the game forum to ask if it's a big problem to have this #808080 changing to #7f7f7f... Thx all :)
  3. +1 .dds (at least export...) Today I have to dig with Gimp by importing Affinity Photo/Designer .tiff creation (I think tiff is the better option for quality?), to be able to export as .dds with this plugin (GNU GPL v2...) https://code.google.com/archive/p/gimp-dds/ Source code looks like available :p Good luck !