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  1. What exactly is Publisher. On the About/BETA download page there isn't much info compared to Photo and Designer.
  2. I've utilized the free trial and have been going back and forth in Designer and Photo, so I will probably end up purchasing both.
  3. I'm using the trial version right now as I want to try it out before purchasing, but I noticed today on Affinity Photo that Inverting a selection and then trying to delete anything (via the delete button) deletes the whole layer instead of the intended function (just deleting what is selected). This feature "works" when I manually delete the new selection via the Eraser, but I know that's not supposed to be the end all, be all.
  4. Hello, how do I turn on the smart/audio guides like you get in photoshop? If you don't know what I am talking about, check the adobe link below: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/align-space-objects.html
  5. I am a freelance graphic designer with a focus on business cards and flyers. I have no experience with Adobe Illustrator, but I do have some with Photoshop and even GIMP. Which one would be best for someone like me who is not a professional (yet), but wants to turn my skills into a side business?