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  1. Thank you MEB for your response. I have reloaded the page several times and logged out and in several times too. I checked on the user section and it offers only the download option (the cloud with the arrow). I should mention that I am on Mojave. Thanks again
  2. Thank you for the update. But unfortunately the Mac App Store does not show me the update yet. The only option is to download the new version. Is this the approved method? Thanks Ashok
  3. Thank you very much Old Bruce. It worked, but I do wish the help documentation had a warning about this! Regards Ashok
  4. I've just spent the last one hour trying to find the interactive text menu or the hyperlink window in Designer 1.9. Just can't. I need to add a clickable link to a post that I am creating. I can't find interactive text in the text menu, nor can I find the hyperlink menu in the Studio menu. Please help. Thanks Ashok
  5. Yes please, would love this feature. I struggled for several hours before I realised there's no support. Will check out the Indic ANSI fonts, but I read they may have problems on a Mac.
  6. Sorry if this has been posted before. I downloaded Designer Trial and liked it (still missing the Command toggle to selection tool though :-)). I think I downloaded from your website because it is at version 1.6.5. Then, last night I bought it on the Apple Store - and now Designer won't launch. What is the best way to get it to work please? Would I have to uninstall and re-download, because that is all I can think of. Thank you Ashok
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