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  1. Thank u kind sir, as the change from compressed to uncompressed did the trick. I owe you a drink!
  2. Oh ok that might be the problem as I use lossless compressed...I’ll try and get back to you. Thanks
  3. I have the latest version. The problem can be replicated easily by just trying to open any raw file in a new document. Would a delete and reinstall help? First few days it worked fine but now I cannot open any raw file new documents because the app just shuts off! step by step 1. Affinity photo 2. iOS 12.1.4 3. I click new document, open from photos, choose a file and watch as program just closes Ipad has only been updated since purchasing 2 weeks ago
  4. Yep.....app worked fine first few days but now, no importing just processes for a sec then cuts off
  5. Is there a known fix for the app closing every time I try to open a raw file? App worked for about a few days but now it is useless! HELP!!!