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  1. Please check this post. It solved the problem for me. Designer does not update its AppInfo. Do this manually and it works.
  2. Struggling with this too. Tried your suggestion. Unfortunately, designer is greyed out in the menu. Tried so far: Re-installing all three apps -> no effect Restarting windows -> nothing Opening closing -> Nope Making/saving files -> none Placing file -> nada Opening apps simultaneously -> nope .......... All apps are downloads from this morning ( Oddly enough, Photo (eval copy) works, but Designer (licensed) doesn't.
  3. Same Problem: Designer was installed and updated to 1.7. Program was used. Then install of Publisher 1.7. StudioLink does not see Designer. Downloaded, installed and open/closed test version of Photo --> Studiolink sees Photo. Works fine. "Repaired" Designer --> no effect Placed Designer File --> no effect (Running Win10, all apps from Affinity store)
  4. After the post and discussion, I tried a few things when pasting hatched objects from DrawPlus to Designer. I posted that "Unfortunately, they will show up as a group of vectors". This is not unfortunate at all! The hatches are not pasted as lines but as curves with a fill and no outline. When one combines these objects with the effects of Designer, really cool graphics can be made very quickly. In the attached file, I took a flat brick wall pattern from DrawPlus and pasted it into Designer. The outline curve is moved to the background and given a noisy brick red color. Now the original line pattern of bricks, which actually are a group of curves is given a noisy gray mortar color and pillow bevel/emboss. The result is a surprisingly nice brick wall after just a few clicks. In the second (less cool) graph, I tried to use the effect to make a honeycomb with depth effect. HatchSample.afdesign
  5. Quick suggestion: Pick up the predecessor drawing program Serif DrawPlus X8 for a few € from the Affinity Shop. It has all the hatches and many more cool fill methods. The objects can be pasted into Designer. Unfortunately, they will show up as a group of vectors the way the workaround is described above, but the result is good.
  6. A great feature I came to appreciate in other vector editors when doing perspective drawings or circular arrangements are slanted guides. In Designer, there are no slanted guides but the grid helps out. However, a full grid is not always needed. The workaround I use, is to make a "Guides"-Layer and put some lines on it as guides. With object snapping, these lines can be used as guides. Still, it would be nice to have an additional panel to set up slanted guides. Below a snippet from a program with slanted guides.
  7. Can you guys please port over the distort feature from Serif DrawPlus or PagePlus into Publisher? This has been announced 5 years ago to be on the roadmap for Designer and still is not there. Today, I am using the Distort from PagePlus (=2015) or CorelDraw7 (=1995) to do this and copying the results back into Designer/Publisher. Quite embarrassing.
  8. Distort was announced on this forum as being on the road map in 2015! About time, since this is a standard feature on every vector editor since the mid-90's. Today, I am still using Serif Pageplus X9 or even CorelDraw (not kidding: Version 7 from 1995!!) for this and copying it back to Designer. Can you PLEASE port this feature to designer? This may even be a showstopper if not available in the upcoming Publisher.
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