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  1. Hugh L'Estrange

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    Thank you MEB. Worked perfectly! re logical names for things, I may be wrong but I get the slight feeling that they're trying to avoid using the same terminology as Adobe InDesign. Since AffPub promises to be so much better (and cheaper) than InD, I don't see why they can't just go ahead with the same terminology (and shortcuts) to make a seamless transition from one to the other for people like me.
  2. Hugh L'Estrange

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    Thank you Walt. That's what I was looking for. ['Show Text Flow' is not very intuitive for showing/hiding text boxes; sounds more like showing the chaining of text through different boxes.] I'd like to assign Keyboard Shortcuts to these actions, but since Publisher Persona is not available yet, presumably that's not possible?
  3. Hugh L'Estrange

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    Yes, thank you. That does the job. But sometimes it's useful to show/hide the text boxes, while keeping the margins visible. It's also useful to be able to show/hide the margins. These options do not appear to be available in Publisher Beta. Let's hope they can be introduced in the full release version.
  4. Hugh L'Estrange

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    This is what it says in iWeb Help: To show or hide text box boundaries: Choose View > Show Layout (or Hide Layout). In my View menu, Show Layout does not appear
  5. Hugh L'Estrange

    Total document rotates

    Thank you for your reply. I think I must have done it from the View menu. I couldn't work it out at the time, but now you mention it that was probably what happened. I'm absolutely brand new to Affinity (having used Adobe InDesign for many years) so I'm still experimenting to find out how it works. Looks fantastic so far. Can't wait for full version to arrive.
  6. Hugh L'Estrange

    Total document rotates

    When rotating an image on page 1, whole page rotated and all other pages in document rotated by the same amount. Wouldn't respond to command Z. Finally had to close document and re-open. Problem gone. Otherwise loving it!