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  1. well, I guess u can't mask back tone mapping
  2. Photo and I'm designing it. My Mac is also at 10.14.3 but I'm just to lazy to upgrade to 10.14.5. just my setting. However it remains complicated. I just cut out the object and reattached it. the tone mapping on the general picture works but if I attempt it on the object it says it neesd a pixel layer in order to apply the effect. Any idea how I can convert the object to a layer?
  3. However he used already cut out objects. So I have to cut out my object export it and replace it on the photo. That's kinda dull that Affinity offers no other way but ty for ya Help.
  4. Maybe ther're different approaches for my several asked question but I simply would rely on the isolating like in After effects ( )
  5. But isolating an object by keeping the background comes in handy and really important when u just want to add the tone mapping persona to a certain object in a photo- Do u know how to achieve this?
  6. Oh hang on I tried it with adjustments and it is indeed restricted to the area. I misconstrued something because when I select an area with the selection tool and I type on fx (on the bottom right corner under layers) whatsoever none of this functions will apply to the selection. But glad I discovered that general adjustments do. Didn't try it after I noticed that functions fail.
  7. By Isolating I mean encircling an object as if you want to cut it out but instead you just add an effect (e.g. color) to the encircled area. However the effect never applies to the chosen area. How it will?
  8. Self-explaining. I cut out an object and I want to add a line around it. Can u please tell me how.
  9. Hey, I'm totally new to Affinity Photo and I don't want to bother with the whole manuel, so maybe u guys can answer 2-3 specific questions for me. As an example I picked 2 trivial pictures to illustrate my desire. So in this case I'd like to (1.) Cut out the stone and (2.) place it behind one of the trees - so u just see one part of the stone, the other is covered by the trunk and maybe (3.) adapt the the cartoon style to the stone so it fits in much better. How to accomplish my aim? I tinkered already with the variety of tools, but as I said, I'm totally new. Thank you, in case u know what to do.

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