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  1. But with Creative Cloud apps, I don’t need to do that extra step; what I save within the app saves to the cloud, and I can immediately access them from all my devices. With Affinity Designer, you essentially have duplicates of every file, one in the app and one in iCloud (once you manually save it). That just gets messy and leads to problems such as this, where I can’t save my documents to iCloud because AD is apparently using 50 out of my 32 GB total device storage.
  2. Because I should only be using a few gigabytes of storage, and I assumed the application was free if any major bugs.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I’m slowly working on saving them to iCloud, but after every couple of documents, it starts saving them as 0 byte files. So then I have to reboot the iPad and start again. A few more hours and I should have it done. I wish I knew about this bug beforehand. I had assumed the app saved the files in the “On My iPad” folder like most adobe apps.
  4. Is there any update on this issue? I’ve been using Designer on my first-gen iPad Pro for a while, and I noticed my data keeps climbing. I am now at about 40gb, which is peculiar considering my iPad only has 32gb of total storage. I’ve deleted all unnecessary and duplicate designs, and estimate I should only be using about 5gb. If this bug isn’t fixed soon, I really hope Serif comes out with a way to bulk backup all Designer files. When I try to save them to iCloud manually, it almost always freezes or crashes, leaving a corrupt file in the destination folder. It would take me literally hours to backup every single file and make sure each one is not corrupted.

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