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  1. Try checking your ransomware protection. We fixed it through enabling the application access to the folder.Try checking your ransomware protection. We fixed it through enabling the application access to the folder.
  2. I cannot save my files in either Affinity Photo or Designer. Below is the error message. I'm running the most current version of both programs as of 7/19/2020 on a Macbook Pro Ver. 10.13.6 The weird thing is that after I get the message that "Failed to Save Document", it looks like there actually IS a file saved on my desktop. When I try to open that document in the Affinity Programs, I get the message "Failed to open document". I can only export a flattened document, not save layers. HELP!!
  3. I'm a newbie here and also think the tool icons on the left side are hard to see... I just changed my preferences to show the word for the tool as I scroll over each icon. So far I've found Affinity Designer to be such a great, fun, easy app to use compared to other products out there (including Illustrator which gives me a migraine headache every time I try to learn how to use it as I paid my monthly exorbitant $50) so just add the words for the tool. Sadly, I'm such a newbie that I couldn't go back and figure out how I added the words for the tools, so at least here's a photo of
  4. Thank you for your help! Yes, I do save Photoshop images uncompressed as I was under the impression this is the best way to save my images, but perhaps I've been misinformed.
  5. I just started using Affinity Photo, and I noticed that my painting panorama tiff files are half the size of the same Photoshop tiff files. I think Photoshop is saving as 32 bit and Affinity is saving as 16 bit. (Would this even matter for print publishing?) I always submit to my publisher 300 dpi "at size" of the original painting. If it is important, is there a way to save as 32 bit? Thanks so much for any help I can get on this issue!
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