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  1. I'm a newbie here and also think the tool icons on the left side are hard to see... I just changed my preferences to show the word for the tool as I scroll over each icon. So far I've found Affinity Designer to be such a great, fun, easy app to use compared to other products out there (including Illustrator which gives me a migraine headache every time I try to learn how to use it as I paid my monthly exorbitant $50) so just add the words for the tool. Sadly, I'm such a newbie that I couldn't go back and figure out how I added the words for the tools, so at least here's a photo of what I mean.
  2. Thank you for your help! Yes, I do save Photoshop images uncompressed as I was under the impression this is the best way to save my images, but perhaps I've been misinformed.
  3. I just started using Affinity Photo, and I noticed that my painting panorama tiff files are half the size of the same Photoshop tiff files. I think Photoshop is saving as 32 bit and Affinity is saving as 16 bit. (Would this even matter for print publishing?) I always submit to my publisher 300 dpi "at size" of the original painting. If it is important, is there a way to save as 32 bit? Thanks so much for any help I can get on this issue!