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  1. So you are afraid that AP becomes PS performance wise? we are talking just about a shortcut, enhancing workflow and not a brand new option/ any real sort of involving implementation
  2. Can you try AD latest beta? i think they fixed something like this and AP just has less frequent public builds for whatever reason.
  3. You do not understand what VM is and constantly build up strawmans (and contradict yourself _ ap uses less memory, ap would need too much memory _) you do not Page to VM VM is always used to make ram usage more efficient and programmers life easier by reducing fragmentation and avoiding memory limits Maybe think about being a bit more restrictive throwing around terms and thoughts from a pure workflow point of view: Duplicate makes more sense because you can duplicate and then later decide to save with „save“ shortcut using „save as“ you can only save and then decide to delete the file, but it has already been saved ...both have a certain advantage depending on if you tend to save or tend to discard changes ...another option though would be to make snapshots faster/ completely accessible using keyboard shortcuts to allow quick experiments (much like using git where a new branch requires no wasted/duplicated memory) but maybe that would still leave something desired for s former PS user? I don‘t know. the devleopers probably just are not aware, there is no such thing as memory or processing power difficulties in a two year old app most of the times the developers are either busy or not aware, there are very! rare occasions where hardware/ software is the limit another part which shows that processing power/ Hardware/ concurrency is not even completely utilised is this: (by utilised I do not mean that my processor is idle but that AP puts constraints on my workflow that are imposed by the developers and not by the hardware) If you export a picture using the file> export the whole UI is locked up and one can not modify other pictures clearly not a constraint of my pc as I can have AP and APbeta running alongside without issue while one is exporting something and the other working just fine cheers
  4. Very good worround ;) But there is acutally a proper way to do it, or several ways (handoff/ iTunes/ better local file management)
  5. here is a short video hope this clears it up/ makes it work for you zone.mov (I think the A opponent changes because my document is in RGB and not LAB so there are some mapping things going on)
  6. Yeah 3x3 would be better therefore I posted the link to the request Yeah just place a Sampler (Drag and drop) and change it to display LAB and add a curves adjustment, select L channel, use the picker at the place of the sampler and drag up/down you move the picker of the curves adjustment and read the value from the info panel hope that helps
  7. You can add your voice here to be able to adjust the sampler size Currently the sampler only samples one pixel (I do not understand your second question, what do you want to accomplish/ need to know?)
  8. 3d

    There are no in out adjustments in levels in photo, simply use curves instead hope this helps
  9. Btw this is to be expected because AP uses downsampled previews unless you are at more than 100% zoom (>= 100) and has nothing to do with the main issue(s) as far as I am concearned Cheers
  10. The exact same topic is also described here with solutions for affinity photo hope that helps
  11. ...to be fair the author said this would only be to give a starting point, I think that is a fair use case (especially without a DAM for adjusting many photos)
  12. sounds really weird the live rendering definitely has big room for improvement https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44673-toggle-off-layers-lag/#comment-222876 see this issue as well where turning on opaque layers is slow for no reason
  13. and we should definitely be able to access the files through iTunes issue https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/47042-transfer-afphoto-files-to-desktop/ especially cause handoff is way off apparently https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/41089-affinity-photo-for-ipad-feedback/&do=findComment&comment=234536
  14. actually still buggy in the latest beta when zooming it flickers macbook gets really hot and fans kick in color seems to be way off thanks for investigating quickmask.mov