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  1. thanks here is another set, not from ne but I liked it https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44229-ap-color-grading-macros-free/ and here are even more resources listed nicely, done by MEB http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/resources/#ts7
  2. That's a good idea MBd. (was not my idea in first place but anyhow) so please make this folder relocatable or symlinkable so that we can sync it between multiple Macs (and ideally iPad but if that is too much effort Macs)
  3. if you have a pixel layer (photo) and some adjustment layers (like 5 curves, HSL, vibrance) and the underlying image is a pixel layer only toggling off the layers (shift select, toggle off) above should instantly reveal the pure image below it takes some time, half a second or so, though in theory Affinity should not have to do any processing, just straight display the image below this would make before/ after comparisons much more enjoyable/ faster cheers PS this may be related https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44671-snappy-popups/
  4. this example is from the latest AD beta but is the same for AP when you click "preferences" (having the hand tool selected), the dialog does not open until you "release" the "click" therefore it takes longer to "klick" the dialog than to hit "cmd + ;" in constrast: the adjustments layer dialog (the circle down in the layers panel) pops up immediately upon the "key press down" which makes it feel more snappy can this be enabled for other popups/ dialog/ persona switching/ switching tools as well? cheers PS this may be related https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44673-toggle-off-layers-lag/#comment-222876
  5. You can use the "info" panel to see the values of the pixels you are hovering over In rgb/ lab... you can also set permanent measurement marks cheers //for more tips, KLICK <<
  6. I do know that if it's technically possible then we'll certainly look into it,
  7. Telegram (on iPhone at least) has a pretty nice curves adjustment feature in their photo sharing dialog you do not add points onto the curve but give the curve a gentle push to either side this gives more subtle results and feels just right on a touch surface maybe this is something that could be added to the iPad as well to even better use the touch input method cheers
  8. I like the new approach to simplistic UI (still perspective crash) AP next level?
  9. Fact is: fhe image in the beginning appears instantly by which I mean long before the image itself opens (even if it is just a JPG) second: affinity alaeady loads the things that are needed, this just has to be pushed a tiny bit cheers
  10. photoshop slow startup affinity could actually show images much faster when starting up as well how about such an improvement makes for a more responsive feel
  11. the gradient does not reflect the depth of field properly though such improvements would give some less obviously fake results
  12. ok sorry, I actually read you stuff in the designer thread but thought it would be fixed already (disabling it is probably fine cause it won't make any difference on any older machines anyway and new ones will ship with high Sierra mostly) they better implement wifi handoff as well sooner than later cheers
  13. And please give back the ability to get notification about topics I follow in the Notification Center like before (or did anyone discover...?) thanks!
  14. You are welcome ;) hope it helps if there are iPad specific things that are not yet discussed in there, feel free to post a reply in that thread
  15. here is some more info specific about color in Affinity the short answer that you will not loose noticeable quality is probably still right though cheers
  16. performance on the first 5k iMac is exactly the same with or without metal which is expected I guess there is a display glitch though using metal see here: cheers
  17. actually I have turned it on (and did a restart) and I am on Skylake (Touch bar MacBook Pro 13)
  18. Is Metal only used for live rendering/ only used on Macs with dedicated GPU? I'm not seeing any significant improvement in rendering times of effects, in fact is is about 100% the same EDITED to add, the old iPad Pro is about twice as fast even with this metal update for Mac (was twice as fast before and still is)
  19. double clicking the hand tool should not only zoom to fit, but also reset the rotation thanks
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