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  1. LOL even this link to a sample video still works http://web.archive.org/web/20040607065551/http://www.serif.com/impactplus/impactplus5/mpgs/IP5-MarsInvasion.avi compare this to https://vimeo.com/185763872 :D :D :D :D :D
  2. yeah just take the file and copy the "linear" group and paste onto your image and see if it is the same as your result, that would be interesting to me at least (I still think this may very well be the same result but googleing rgb565 does not yield much useful examples so I can not tell) cheers
  3. Can you show a comparison of your approach vs the "linear" blend if set? your approach seems very reasonable as well
  4. How to you tell which one is appropriate for the current job? I'd be completely lost with that many brushes in Affinity and could not get anything done. Any proposal for better brush sorting/ previewing or any trick I'm missing? Otherwise seems like a great effort that you put into it
  5. my best guess is that this is either Affinitys rendering, maybe output to TIFF and check again, or it is Affinitys Posterize algorithm or I missed something but nothing I can currently thing of, sorry
  6. the "strange" thing is that the edge layers don't actually change real images so I'd be interested to hear how this works out for you, what the use case is. look at the channels tab and toggle between the channels, look what is black and white and then adjust the blend if accordingly
  7. do you have a reference image before/ after? the `edge` package behaves strange on normal images because it does not affect shades (looks great in the sample image though) of R / G / B respectively but the `linear` one should behave correctly (on real images) as far as I can tell, It definitely affects the other channels/ more precisely shades of their own channel in other channels as well but this is how it should be I think can you test both on an actual image where you know the output?
  8. confirmed this small file takes ages (probably also cause it utilizes only one core)
  9. your idea is very good and the problem is really interesting I think I have a solution but please check and report back if it does not work (for others that do not know blend if yet) you may want to delete the edge points and thus make the transition line in the blend if channel a linear one (bottom left to top right, thus affecting not only pure r/g/b colors but also mixtures V2 rgb332.afphoto.zip
  10. you can actually create a macro to do it in one step/ klick the levels adjustment would be a separate step in your ps workflow just the same
  11. The issue with the blend mode is That your file will be rasterised on export If you want to keep vector on export you have to use Boolean methods If it does not work, upload the file, I'm sure we'll figure it out
  12. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/5336-file-system/?p=34539 1. display Photos in Fullscreen mode, go back and forth with the arrow keys 2. being able to delete photos by pressing backspace 3. zooming in (this should be easy for Affinity ;) ) 4. see Camera Settings in Grid mode in an EXIF Panel (ISO, f-stop, exposure time..) (two years ago) and the answer was We'll hand it to the Giraffe team... they can almost reach that fruit. ;) but obviously this get's out of hand as soon as just everyone throws in a bunch of must haves so nevertheless they agreed to make a DAM https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/13792-dam-affinity-lightroom-killer-request/?p=61067 We are going to make a professional Affinity DAM application - stay tuned in 2016 for more information ;) Thanks, Andy. but until now there are no news and bugs/ missing features in AP and AD take priority for probably good reasoning cheers :)
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