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  1. Works like a charm! Great, thank you @>|< !
  2. I know I lack a knowledge but I was testing other very similar soft. I did everything as in Affinity Photo and when I used Bi-linear or Nearest Neighbour algorithm exporting to JPEG - there was no problem with those gaps. I was exporting with many different (non-integer for single layeres) dimensions. There was a problem with other algorithms.
  3. Hi @GabrielM, Thanks for the hints. This is somehow demanding, when the source layer in this process mentioned above is in a "crazy" dimensions (and you don't want to lose any pixel) and as for the screen / editing it's acceptable I really would love to have possibility to export an image without those gaps (in any dimensions, not only integer ones) I know it's possible
  4. Hey there, I'm having a problem with those gaps/lines/edges of pixel layers (affinity.png) I made this sample file: test.afphoto This is what I have done, step by step: 1. Created a layer 2. Filled it with black 3. Resized canvas - 4 times of the original size 4. Duplicated the all-black layer 15 times 5. Snapped all layers side by side 6. Added a red background (just to show the problem) And now the problems: 1. Affinty Photo shows the gaps (having the color of the backgorund, white when no background, here - red) between the layers when the zoom is less than 100%, above 100% gaps disappear (affinity.png) 2. When exported on it's original size - there are no gaps (red lines) (height: 6000 - testh6000.jpg) but when exported on smaller size - gaps appear (height: 4000 - testh4000.jpg) Is there a bug or I'm doing something wrong? I would really appriciate a hint how to get rid of these lines both from exported files and from screen. I could probably resize the original and then export it, but I'm not sure if it works always. I was testing it few times, with different resamplers but haven't done any notes. Just that Nearest Neighbour resampler helps with this problem more often than other resamplers affinity.png I'm using Affinity Photo and was testing it on Affinity Photo Customer Beta and beta behaves the same. test.afphoto testh4000.jpg testh6000.jpg: