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  1. pierre.vandwalle

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Same problem here, also I don’t even really understand all the icons that are in the move tool menu? Video tutorials don’t explain this... Is there a documentation somewhere that at least mention each icon? - What is the bottom right icon, with a small eye inside the square for example? - what is the difference between Select Under and Select Inside? On the screenshot, I’m trying to select and move the groups composed of those three blue dots and it’s basically impossible without zooming ver far in, even with the pen. In addition I can’t quite ensure that the group of three dots remain selected, that is if I select the group, then accidentally clicking on one of the dot yank the selection from the group being selected, to that single blue dot being selected. Is there a way to lock the selection (i.e. locking what is selected), so as to ensure a consistent behavior?
  2. pierre.vandwalle

    Can’t export sliced photo into google drive

    Hi, Is this fixed on (on iPad Pro, iOs12) It seems that the main export menu doesn’t work either with google drive: - Save a Copy of the whole project doesn’t work (seems that Designer believes that it successfully save the file, but the file is not saved) - export personality (doesn’t work w/ or w/o slices, once in the Google Drive browser, there isn’t a Add button that allows for initiating the export, only possible option is Cancel) - From the main Export page, we cannot do use the “OK” button so as to save a PNG via the Google Drive browser... BUT from the “SHARE” button we can save the PNG onto Google Drive. It is confusing, why does the EXPORT page has both a OK and a SHARE buttons? Thank you much and Best Regards, Pierre

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