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  1. Awesome! Is Fontbook the one you recommend? There's a handful that pop up in a Google search and being that I'm new to the needing to organize font game, I figured I'd ask. LOL
  2. I feel like maybe I should know how to "close down" fonts but I don't have a clue. Can you point me in the right direction, please?
  3. I'm having the same problem but I'm on a PC. Any tips here? I use these files on a pretty regular basis and just recently started getting these "can't open" pop ups.
  4. Dan, Thank you so much!! I was in a time crunch and had to take away a few of the fx to meet the deadline but wasn’t happy with the final at all. This helps tremendously!! I’ll switch it out shortly. Again, I really appreciate your help!! -James
  5. Dan, Thank so much for you help with this! I've tried a few different .png settings. All with the same results. I'll look back and see if I can identify if any really worked better than others. I am downloading the .afdesign file to your Dropbox now. I will try to increase the pixel size and see if it works. Fingers crossed. James
  6. I've created a design having text with effects. When I go to save the design, the text is blurry. I can't for the life of me figure out why, when I save this design, every format saves blurry. It's only the text and I am assuming it have something to do with the effects I've used on the text. I have attached an .afdesign and a .png file for you to see what I'm talking about. I'm guessing it's going to be something really simple but I'm pulling my hair out here. Thanks in advance!! Facebook_Banner.afdesign
  7. Pšenda, thanks for that. I searched everywhere (at least I thought) for a feed with the answer I was looking for. You rock!! Thank again!!
  8. I have been using Adobe Illustrator exclusively for years in my design process and have recently begun to use Affinity Designer. Unfortunately, this means that most of my design pieces are in the .ai format. Is there a way to bring these over to a .afdesign format while preserving all of me design aspects?
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