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  1. Hi @GabrielM & @R C-R, Thank you for your responses and suggestion and sry for my delayed reply. Ill have a look at it! Based on your messages I think this could be a solution for me because I wont work on both machines without syncing between. But Ill look at it and try to understand what the file is used for and how I can use it. Seems like a great entry point figuring out a workaround. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, I just bought Affinity Designer and played around with some icons and other simple stuff while I was on the go with my laptop. I put them all in an asset library to have them well organized. Now at home I wonder if there is any method to sync my assets (and color palettes) between multiple devices/installations? But to be honest as this is much data to sync if Affinity would provide such a feature I doubt it. But the I came up with another more realistic idea. Is there any option to auto export and import assets on closing and opening the application? Because then i could use some other tool like Resilio Sync to sync those exported assets between the devices and I would have access to the latest version of my assets on any installation. So do you know any method (official/workaround) to sync this stuff between multiple devices? Thanks in advance BR Tim