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  1. I don't think the problem is the size of the team. They have a suite that has 3 programs on 3 different platforms with so many different interfaces. It's a problem of UX design, is that I'm asking for ease of use and decisions that are easy to implement in any software. There may be some more complicated ones, like unifying the transformation tool or changing the way of working with alpha, than if they are more deep changes. But the main problems are simply bad usability decisions that affect hotkeys. I can understand that giving the user the option to configure all the hotkeys is complicated to implement. But not that putting a single button and mouse movement as a hotkey is.
  2. I have tested right now the beta... and they have change the LeftClick+RightClick+Ctrl+Alt by LeftClick+Ctrl+Alt Why? Why? Why? Why? Seriously, why have changed a crappy hotkey for other crappy hotkey? Ctrl+leftclick is not used, for example, adn it where used, nothing is more important that brush size.
  3. Where have changed the hotkeys? I have the same hotkeys with last affinity photo without any option to change it. Yeah, must be really hard - to change a hotkey for brush size - that perspective tool works with your selected part and not all the image. - That you can move the selection when you are creating it - That selection modes use same hotkeys. - That open images are not blocked by default - That added images are not added in a diagonal stupid order without any option to add in the center At least it is needed 2-3 strike teams for this type of things.
  4. I've been using affinity for 2 years, the whole suite, and in general I was happy because these last two years didn't need much 2D work. It worked for me. These last months I have had to work more with this and I have to say that I am tired of the lack of usability design that the program has. It is not normal the headaches that the program gives me because it does not have implemented BASIC things. I don't know where these usability ideas for the program come from but they're terrible, and what used to be a passable problem is making it impossible for me to work decently. I'm going to talk specially about Affinity Photo but the problems are applicable to all programs. Hotkeys, they're crap. I don't know who the hell thought that to change the size of the brush you have to do Ctrl+Alt+LeftClick+RightClick but for the love of God, kill him. Don't make more people suffer. The problem with this hotkey is that it is such an OBVIOUS problem that the fact that it has not been fixed and nobody says anything scares me. On top of that there's no way to change it because it's hardcoded. You can see that whoever designed it has never used a stylus. Because to ask that you have to do Ctrl+Alt+LeftClick+RightClick with a stylus is to torture the user. It's just that it's misconfigured by default, as if you're trying to move between selection modes. That the shift+hotkey is not activated to move between them by default, or it wasn't. Then things like while you are making a selection box you can't move it while you are creating it. Please, do you know how much time I waste with this nonsense? You can't imagine. Another example, the selection with loop is not 3 modes of selection, depending on the submode you are in you have some hotkeys or others. Or it is three tools or one that gives access to everything without having to click on the toolbar. Then work with the alpha, who has designed this system? It is impossible to work comfortably with the alpha of an image. You have to be creating a layer, converting it to a mask,... I don't even know where to start. Do I want to deform a piece of my layer? I CAN'T, it turns out that the perspective tool works only with the whole layer, not with the part I'm working on. Really? Not to mention that there are 4 separate tools that do the same thing. - Transform - Distort - Perspective - Select It's the same tool in different places. If I want to modify a layer and at the same time the perspective I have to switch between tools. It's disastrous for the concept from any user perspective. What pis**s me off most about all this and many others that I don't mention is that it's NONNESS, which can be easily fixed in a short time and nothing is done for years. There have been complaints about all this in the forums since the beginning. And they're still ignored. That's why I'm thinking about going back to adobe. Even if it's more expensive, with a lousy licensing system and a thousand telemetry services. I use affinity photo and get frustrated because it has basic errors. It has problems that make it seem like nobody uses it in QA.
  5. Same problem here, I have affinity for windows and iOS, but I want for macOS.... I see a lot of pages with "discount codes" but affinity doesn't have any way to add that discount. That pages are scam?
  6. Yeah, I don't think that could be so hard to implement the separate alpha channel instead of collapse the alpha in each RGB channel that make impossible to work for thousands of video games profesionals. I'm working in a project and I cannot open any texture for this simple reason. Is like AP doesn't have PSD importer and exporter for all game industry.
  7. Other stupid example of what I'm talking about... If I use Ctrl+space with the mouse with LMB I made zoom, If I use Ctrl+Space+Alt and LMB I made zoom out. Ok. But If I made the same with the wacom intuos the zoom out doesn't work. I can see the Zoom icon in the mouse, with a minus... but when I click with the stylus it doesn't work. And sometimes the program don't detect the hotkey. ¡¿WTF?! Seriusly nobody have solved this in years and I need to search a solution by internet? Edit: I see that it's solved in 1.7 beta, but like anybody can understand it's really frustating. Other example: If I press Ctrl+space I don't have the zoom tool, If I press Space+Ctrl I have the zoom tool.
  8. Hi SrPx I'll answer you in English so other people can follow the conversation. - I don't have a problem with photoshop, but I'm tired of adobe license model and that they install a lot of crap that I don't need. - Will the TGA be fixed? I don't know when, because I have seen that it has been a petition for 3-4 years. And I don't think it's so complicated not to collapse the alpha in color channels when importing the TGA. I agree that the TGA is not a large format, but unfortunately is the one used and I can not decide not to use it. - About the solution, the 1.7 beta is so unstable that I was hung up when I went to try what you said. But to be solved (which I don't think in principle) would be a positive thing. - I don't see that behaviour in the zoom in latest 1.7 beta, It only do if you have the correct 100% zoom when begin with the wheel. - I don't usually use hotkeys to change the size of the brush, it's not fast or it's not precise, in any case it's not functional. The mouse hotkey works very well, but it's a crazy hotkey that can't be edited. I don't want a photoshop clone, although affinity still is. But I do believe that it has big errors in the UX that are easily solvable and I'm surprised that they are not after several years. What hurts me is not being able to do things that I consider basic and that the program even sometimes has but is completely obfuscated its use. Not being able to change the size of the brush with the stylus using the same hotkey as with the mouse is an example. Things that very much to my regret break me trying to use the program, no matter how much I insist on using it.
  9. I'm sorry, I must be explaining myself awful. I will try to explain myself again. Sometimes when I'm editing an image I need to fill in areas. Zones that are not homogeneous but have a repeating horizontal pattern. The only quick way to fill these zones is to take a part and extend it to the sides so that it fills. For example When I transform the one pixel width column that I want to fill all the textboxes in photoshop I obtain this But in affinity photo I obtain this or this Affinity photo don't keep the opacity, don't let me select the filter that apply to transform or some option or automization to avoid this. This is a example of the use of transform in one column pixel, yes, I know that I can do filling the text box with a color. Understand that it's an example and in other situations it is the fatest way to work.
  10. It's not a shape, is a pixel image and happens the same if I create a new file, paint a One pixel column and transform it Transform without selection Transform with selection Selection tool options
  11. Other problem example... If I select a part of this image, make a copy and paste... I obtain this I don't have Antialias, I have 0 pixels in select tool options...
  12. Hi Stokerg I'm working with affinity photo, and thi is the problem I have this column of pixel selected and I want to transofrm it. I want to make wider to fill a part of the image Then when I transform the selection I obtain this When I only want the same color in all the box
  13. I've tried to give affinity several tries, but I have to give it up. I don't know what the big development team is like, but after giving many attempts to affinity photo I have to quit and go back to photoshop. It's a pain to try to do anything in affinity that is not a simple photo retouching, even in simple jobs I find problems. Every now and then I encounter such basic usability problems that I don't understand why there are so many problems to implement them. Mainly when you want to do something precise and detailed with the program. - Do I need to work with a TGA texture? ahhh, we don't support the TGA format correctly. Well, goodbye game industry... I can't wait here 3-4 years until I give you to implement it. - I want to scale a row of one pixel... the program adds a gradient on the sides because potato ... And I don't have the option to change it. - I want to zoom in? I don't know how I ended up with a 103% zoom and there's no way to go back to 100% without using a specific hotkey. - I want to move the selection meanwhile I create it? I can't. I only can create, move to quick mask, edit the..... - I want to enlarge the size of the brush, which should be the most basic thing in the world, because we put a hotkey that is Ctrl+Alt+RMB+LMB and is not editable ... Are you sure you don't want to add the computer reset button? (also... outside USA the [ ] hotkeys are not easy to find, you need AltGr to use it, take in consideration this) I'm sorry, I've given him a dozen attempts to do something and I always end up doing the same thing. Losing 80% of the time searching in google "how to do X in affinity photo" to discover that it can not be done and that someone asked in 2015 and since then there are no changes. Well, sometimes some kind of "gimp does it" from the developers themselves. If I found solutions, well, that would be fine. But I've already wasted hours reading the forum and I never find solutions. I like Affinity, it has very good ideas and it is a good program in general. Well, the "personas" is an incredible s**t and the topbar is completely superfluous. But it gives the impression that nobody has stopped using it in production because there are basic things that do not allow in any way that should be annoying for any user or any tester within 10 minutes of trying the program. Maybe it's just a momentary pis***g off, but I've stopped doing my job a dozen times for the same reason since I bought the program and I never find solutions and I cant complete my work. Please, make a little improvements in basic UX.
  14. When I transform a one pixel column and make for example 100 pixel widht column I don't obtain a opaque column, affinity create a Transparent-Opaque-Transparent Gradiente from left to right WHy? I'm transforming a one pixel column, why it add a inexistent gradient?
  15. I have change the sensibility in windows config and don't change nothing. Anyway, it's not a properly way to decide.
  16. I'm other game developer and now I find that I cannot work with affinity because it doesn't support alpha in TGA... I think that it must be a joke or something. Yeah, is an old file format, a not good file format,.... but the only file format that allow thousands of video games companies... And the problem is not to convert to TGA, is that I can't import properly and I lost alpha.
  17. Affinity Photo doesn't change the zoom level by the changes in the OS sensitivity I don't see any reason why somebody want to make zoom at 103 instead of 100 and deform all pixels. An I think that mostly users will want to zoom to 100%. But at least give the user the option to put 100% without the keyboard or search in the interface
  18. Is it possible to set the zoom levels to a more logical values? for example, I'm 150%, move the mouse and I obtain 150->120->96... if I have a 103% and go down with the mouse I obtain 82%. could be possible to make normal zoom levels? at least that the zoom stop in some basic zoom levels like 100%, 150%, 200%, 50% and not only in random numbers? because the program make different zoom levels if you use the mouse or the zoom tool. With the mouse 100-125-156-195 with the zoom tool 100-150-200-250 So, if I use the zoom tool to make zoom, and I use the mouse to go back after paint something I obtain 100->150->200->make operations->160->128->102->82
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