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  1. Thanks John. I'll set my system up the same way and see how it works
  2. From other posts I've learned that Affinity photo does not directly support scan acquire. I'm using a windows 10 64 bit system, an Epson perfection V550 scanner, and using the the Epson scan software that came with it. How do I use this combination to get the scanned photo into Affinity photo?
  3. I'm trying to buy Affinity photo but I can't log in to the store. I reset my password and when I tried to use it, a message popped up saying they could not find the email address that I used in the login attempt. That made me think I didn't have an account there but I couldn't find any place to set up an account. Can someone help me with this problem? Jim Birke
  4. That was the real problem. I was going for caps lock and hit tab By mistake. Thanks again...
  5. Windows 10 64 bit. APphoto
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    Forum preference

    Thank you very much for this !
  7. After I save an image and open the folder in which I saved it I don't see a thumbnail of the image. All I see is the affinity photo logo. I have a few that show a thumbnail of the image with the affinity photo logo located in the lower right-hand corner of the thumbnail. How do I get this to happen every time I save an image? Jim Birke
  8. Is there a setting in this forum which will set the "notify me of replies" to be always on by default? Jim Birke
  9. Thank you Walt for the very quick and accurate reply. Another little something they left out of the owners manual...
  10. I opened a new image. Nothing was on it except the rulers. Using the view tab I managed to get the toolbars open.But I could find no way to open the sidebar that usually appears on an image. I opened the previous file that I worked on and that sidebar was missing too although, it was there when I last worked on that image a couple of hours ago. How can I fix this? Jim Birke problem image.afphoto
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    text problem

    Thanx >|< ! Ah, Those nasty little hidden details...
  12. jameslbirke

    text problem

    Your posts brings up another question I have. How do I find the properties you are asking for on my image? The font is 10 pt Arial bold. The zoom level is 100% I am attaching the . afphoto file. I generated by using the save as command. I'm concerned that, when I look at it in file Explorer, the thumbnail only shows the Affinity logo. Jim Bell_Plant_scan_10-22.afphoto
  13. I've put some text on an image that I working on but it looks ragged. I copied and pasted it to a new image and it looks just fine there. I've included a screenshot of the text I'm having the problem with. It reads "these are building to column numbers". You'll notice they look pretty ragged. Can somebody help me with
  14. The learning curve just keeps getting steeper. I cut and pasted a selection of my original image into a new image. On it I opened the "background (pixels)" layer and then started by selecting the portion I wanted to fix and making my my adjustments in it. Everything was going along fine until I was attacked by gremlins and I could no longer adjust anything. I resigned myself to the idea that I might have to start out with another new image. In desperation I clicked on the layers tab and deleted all of the layers until the image disappeared. I undid the last delete and looked at the layers there was a layer simply called "pixels". I opened it and was able to continue making adjustments on my image. From time to time I looked at the layers tab and I noticed that there were layers with titles corresponding to the tools I had been using added to it. I'm thinking, (not my strong suit), that all of the layers on my new image copied over from my original image. Anyway, I'm making a note of this procedure. Jim Birke BTW. Thank you all for putting up with my questions and offering your assistance.