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  1. jameslbirke

    Ruler units

    Thanks to everyone here for all the help especially on out to change the units of of the rulers. As I tried all the suggestions to get the zero point of the rulers in the correct orientation to the image. I gave up and closed the image without saving it. I opened the original JPG file and the rulers were correctly positioned. I re-opened the file I was working on and was surprised to see the rulers are in the correct position and reading the correct dimensions. I'm beginning to think that sometimes it's best to close up shop, go have a beer, and come back later. Jim
  2. jameslbirke

    Ruler units

    My definition of image is what I see on the screen. My first attempt at a screenshot wasn't very clear so I used a magnifier to make the screen bigger. Here is a screenshot Jim
  3. jameslbirke

    Ruler units

    Thanks Walt. Now, how do I position the rulers start point at the top left corner of the image? Jim
  4. How do I change the units shown on the rulers from pixels to inches? Thanks. Jim Birke
  5. I printed a small image for the first time today. It printed in the center of an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. I can't figure out how to position the image so that it will print in the upper left-hand corner of the paper Paint shop Pro has a feature called print layout where you can do this and much more. Does Affinity photo have a similar feature? Thanks. Jim Birke
  6. Thanks John. I'll set my system up the same way and see how it works
  7. From other posts I've learned that Affinity photo does not directly support scan acquire. I'm using a windows 10 64 bit system, an Epson perfection V550 scanner, and using the the Epson scan software that came with it. How do I use this combination to get the scanned photo into Affinity photo?
  8. I'm trying to buy Affinity photo but I can't log in to the store. I reset my password and when I tried to use it, a message popped up saying they could not find the email address that I used in the login attempt. That made me think I didn't have an account there but I couldn't find any place to set up an account. Can someone help me with this problem? Jim Birke
  9. That was the real problem. I was going for caps lock and hit tab By mistake. Thanks again...
  10. Windows 10 64 bit. APphoto
  11. jameslbirke

    Forum preference

    Thank you very much for this !
  12. After I save an image and open the folder in which I saved it I don't see a thumbnail of the image. All I see is the affinity photo logo. I have a few that show a thumbnail of the image with the affinity photo logo located in the lower right-hand corner of the thumbnail. How do I get this to happen every time I save an image? Jim Birke
  13. Is there a setting in this forum which will set the "notify me of replies" to be always on by default? Jim Birke