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  1. Good morning everyone Would anyone in here know where I may aquire the Affinity photo Frankentoon jungle palette. I have done a search but I have had no luck so far. Many thanks for your direction and guidance. Gaynor
  2. Hi everyone I purchased affinity photo in Sept 2018 and I have started learning about using them. I upzipped my macro pack, and went to view, studio, library, import macros, click on the unzipped files and I then get an error message "unexpected macros format" Can someone please help. Many thanks.Doc1.doc
  3. Oh my goodness - it worked straight away - just sitting there. Thank you so much everyone - really appreciated. Your time and patience.
  4. No will not let me create a category Running Windows 7 Pro And everything is up to date.
  5. Hello - no default sitting with the library tab when it is open in Affinity photo. And yes I can access %appdata%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user And can see macros.propcol Still nothing is working yet And still will not create a category
  6. Hey Gabriel I am still having problems with Macros. I still can not open Macro pack I purchased with my Affinity Photo. I can record a macro and save a macro myself. But not in my library - it will not allow me to. It will also not let me add it to my library? I am having big problems with my Macros Please can someone help. I have reset my tools. I uninstalled Affinity photo and reinstalled. Still no luck.
  7. Thank you GabrielM for your assistance - I sent the zipped file as I downloaded it - it unzips the files ok, but then does not recognise format?

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