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  1. Hello I upgraded to Affinity 1.9 for MAC OS X and am running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 I worked on a file for most of the day yesterday in AP 1.9 and when I came to export the work into a jpeg file I used the File>Export route and got the following dialogue box up (See enclosure) when I hit export button the dialogue box asking where you want to save your work is missing and the dialogue box disappears. I search my MAC to see if the file had been created and stored which was not the case. I also tried the "save" and "save as" features do not appear to work either. Anyone else have similar problems?
  2. thanks wasn't aware of that just search on export problems with affinity photo1.9
  3. I don't any dialogue box when using save as either - seems like their QA in Mac OSX version is wanting.
  4. After I select export no further dialogue box appears to ask where I want to store the file. I search on hard drive cannot find export file. Really sucks something as basic as this does not work after upgrading to 1.9. Regards
  5. I cant specify the location where the exported jpeg file is stored as the dialogue box is missing which specifies where you want to save the exported file? I have tried searching but cant find the file??
  6. Thank you very helpful to understand what is going on. One of your colleagues suggested that I change the file size using Document/Resize Document instead of specifying the output on export. I tried this and has exactly the same effect of making the document look over sharpened.
  7. @MEB can you confirm you have received the files from the upload? Thanks
  8. HI @MEB. any chance you can take over this ticket as still no contact from your colleague?
  9. any chance you can over this ticket as still no contact from your colleague?
  10. please provide link - I have sent email to affinity support so please end me link via that?
  11. Hello When I tried nearest neighbour option the image appeared sharper on the screen but not as sharp as the exported version. The exported image was at 100% See export settings below.
  12. Hello When exporting an image from Affinity the exported image tonal quality differs substantially to what is shown upon affinity desktop when viewed with the same monitor. Additionally the exported image looks over sharpened. Any idea why this is happening? I have enclosed two screen shots one in photo persona and the other in export persona together with a copy of the exported jpeg image.
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