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  1. Hello, thanks for reply. Question 1 – Charakter Tracking: Yes, I'm talking about this function tracking, but I (and a lot of others, I think) will use this feature by keyboard-shortcode – its a lot faster for working on long textes. The keyboadr-shortcode exists, but the assoziatet steps (10‰) are to large – better 5‰. Best solution would be to define my one custom keyboard-shortcode-steps in Preferences like it's possible in Indesign. Question 2 – Yes, I'm using Shift+Return for forced line-break – but there is still no symbol – sorry. (Mac OS El Capitan, AffPubl. Even if I use the Menu Panel Text-Insert-Breaks-LineBreak, I cant see the Sign. Also all other signs for manual breaks are not shown. Signs for Spaces or soft-hypens (for example), I can see.
  2. Hi everybody – I'm new her – excuse for my poor english. I'm a professional Grafik-Designer for Print and Books, a long-time-InDesign-User and also a Teacher for software-courses (for Aff. designer/Photo and planning the first course for AffPublisher). Now I'm testing AffPublisher for som first projects – impressive. I noticed two little problems, which are importent for Pros with Layout: 1. When handling a mass of text in colums – I have to fine-tune the Letter/Glyph Tracking/Spacing for a lot of single rows. Typically it's done by keyborad-shortcuts (alt + left/right arrow) in steps – now by 10‰. In my opinion – this step is to large – 5‰ would be better. Or a possibility, to define your own steps in preferences, like it's possible in InDesign. 2. When working on Text on details – the display of hidden Signs (Points for Spaces – Paragraph-Sign and so on) is very important. I noticed, that there is no symbol for a forced line-break. But that would be very important – you have to find forced linebraeks. thanks a lot Friedrich