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  1. I do plan on trying out the apps and will likely spend quite a bit of time here and Google searching for compatibility threads. Thanks everyone!
  2. That's great to know! I'm so worried about being able to edit the files I've been creating over the last 10 years. Adobe shut down my CS6 a couple years ago saying it wasn't an authorized copy despite my paying full price from someone they recommended. Unfortunately, I don't have the option to keep an older version on my machine anymore. InDesign is really my biggest concern. I have a couple clients that I layout multi-page projects for a couple times a year and they sometimes require the InDesign file themselves. Not sure if we'll be able to strike some kind of arrangement, but this info is certainly helpful. Thanks so much!
  3. This was very helpful. I am in the process of trying out a few different things now and hope to make a decision before my next Adobe renewal date. I was just informed of their huge rate increase and I'm so disappointed. Thanks for your insight.
  4. Thanks, my bad. I'm asking this question of a few different products. I've edited the question.
  5. I am considering switching from Adobe. I run my own graphic design business and currently use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator daily. Would the Affinity products be sufficient and would I be able to open / import PSD, INDD and AI files into this software?
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