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  1. Pulisher for windows version crashed 2nd time within 10 minutes while doing text formation. Please help with bugfix or whatever.. Are there action known you should not do in order to prevent a crash?
  2. thanks so much. this is the solution. So easy. tried drag'N'drop with shift, cltr etc. but didn't try this
  3. How to give Image round shaped corner like this rectangular? Does image have properties I did not find or does this function lack? Changing Join does not give me what I'm lookking for. Makes the border line tiny little bit rounded, but does not give round shaped corner like the rectangular thanks for your help
  4. Linking Text Frames like shown in Tutorial "Linked text frames " does not work in my desktop App on win 10. Ether the complete text frame moves or there doesn't happen anything, when I click on the triangle and move the m ouse while keeping mouse key pressed down. Even though the chain icon appears when i move the curson on the triangle.

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