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  1. Very often Selection tool able to select locked group/layer. ( ver 1.8.3, Win 10)
  2. Thanks for reply. I tried to play with turning off some snapping functions, doesn't help. I'm not sure but it looks like the ease animation of snapping is just feature of AD, so would be great to have an option to turn it off.
  3. Hey everyone! Is there possible to increase speed of snapping? This slow appearing of snapping lines is very annoying. I use Affinity Designer latest version 1.7.3 for Windows. Thank you!
  4. I tried PDF, it's not editable in AE. I've found a single solution: export to SVG > import to Adobe XD > export to AE But there is a little problem, export to SVG splits Frame text to bunch of text lines.
  5. I dug the forum, and have found out that Affinity doesn't export to PSD editable text. I really hope developers are working on that. Thank you.
  6. Hello Just recently got Affinity Designer, and have a couple questions. Is there any solution to export editabe text from Affinity Designer to After Effects? I tried to use PSD, but looks like text in PSDs from Affinity is not editable. Thank you!
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