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  1. 1 hour ago, v_kyr said:

    Still not sure what the OP means with Affinity image, so if an .aphoto or .tiff file here in this case (?).

    However, you can't setup NX-D to how to treat itself TIFF files, aka in this case the TIFF file extension handling. One can only setup how it deals with opening in other files via it's own (Open with application) functionality. Thus NX-D recognizes in it's internal file browser/previewer as default only the three letter TIF vs the TIFF extension (at least in my used version here).

    Another point is that APh TIFFs are shown in a messed up way...


    ...so APh tiffs aren't really (re)usable here.

    The good news is that NX2 will work allowing me to use their u-points for "dodging and burning" areas of the image. Thanks again for replying with you comments

  2. 13 hours ago, Pšenda said:

    As far as I understand, it's not Affinity file (afphoto), but exported TIFF, for which Affinity gives the *.tiff extension. While in the first case it is a TIFF with a *.tif extension. All you have to do is set the N-XD to open with *.tiff (v_kyr).

    I couldn't find anywhere on NX-D where to make your recommended changes.

  3. 17 minutes ago, v_kyr said:

    The NIK Collection can be plugged (referenced) into Affinity Photo as a plugin (similar as in Photoshop or Capture NX2 etc.), thus you can use the NIK tools from the APhoto's Photo Persona on a so far already developed/processed RAW files. - In APhoto when you develop a RAW file it is taken over into it's Photo persona, there you can access the Nik tools (if installed as plugins) and let them operate on an image. - See:

    Maybe you should download an Affinity Photo Win or Mac trial version from the Affinity web site, so you can try things out first.

    Thank you for the download link..I looked everywhere but couldn't find it. Yes I will definitely give it a trial, thanks again.

  4. 7 hours ago, v_kyr said:


    Affinity Photo has Overlays in it's RAW develop persona, which work or do offer in a similar manner what NIK U-Points do in Capture NX2. - See:

    Take also a look over the other tutorial videos to get an idea about Affinity Photo ...


    BTW, the latest Nikon Capture NX-D versions do again support color control points.

    Thanks everyone for replying so quickly with help full comments. I am using NX-D but it has a mind of its own,  at times it will do weird things so I am looking for an alternative. I find the Overlays interesting and seem easy to use. Thanks to Google I have the free NIX collection so I have another question, can a RAW image processed in Affinity be opened up in Nix for  control points adjustment? 


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