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  1. Hi @Callum, Problem solved on the Mac App Store. Thank you for you time. Peace, k.
  2. Hi @Callum, Thanks for the kind reply. I don’t know what email address i used to sign in the forum, but here’s the one i use for purchasing from affinity’s online store: kader.hamza@free.fr Could you check the records again please ? thank you for your time. k.
  3. Hi @Callum, thanks for your help. I never had more than one apple ID. However, i think i might have bought the Photo app directly from affinity... But it’s been a while ago, i’m not sure. i’ll contact the mac app store to sort this out. thanks!
  4. Hi, I purchased Affinity Designer and Photo a while ago. Since, i'm prompted to update Designer on the app store at every update you release. But the Photo update never appears in the update panel of the appstore. And when i visit the app page on the store, the price of the app is displayed instead of the usual "open" button, inviting me to buy the app again.. What should i do? I'm stuck on version 1.5.2 of Photo for a while now... Please help. Thanks for paying attention to this message. Regards. k.
  5. Hi there! Thank you for this amazing ipad app. Can you please help me get the most out of it? I can't find a way to manage the files created with the app. I can't rename files or delete them. I searched the help section with no success. Thanks for your answer ! Congrats for the launch! k.
  6. AD_crashReport_2_29032017.txt OK today is not a good day to work with AD.
  7. Hi Sean, The bug is back today. Working on a different document than the first time. Just moving an art board and ...crash. Again AD in full screen mode. Safari opened but no music. Please find here the crash report. I had two other bugs yesterday, but not artboard related. You 'll find the crash reports along with today's one. I've added the date to each report in the filenames so you can find your way around. AD_Crash_29032017.txtAD_crash_report_2_28032017.txtAD_crash_report_28032017.txt Cheers. k.
  8. Sean, Sorry i forgot to answer your first question. The day of the bug, i was able to create another document with multiple art boards and embedded documents without any issues. I've noticed however, even though the bug didn't happen again, that, since the update, AD redraw the screen differently than before when panning and zooming. When the software is done redrawing the "checkerboard" of the image, there's a second of freezing that never existed before the update. That was the moment the app crashed. It might very well be an impression though. I'm sorry to realize it might not be of use at all. Thanks again, congrats for your work and "hi" to the team. k.
  9. Hi Sean. Thank you for your reply. I can't reproduce the bug. Which is a good news, right? I spent a few minutes trying to mimic the conditions in which i was working the other day without any results. Maybe the bug occurred because i didn't restart my computer after the update. Rebooting is the only thing that happened between the bug and now. You're welcome to try if you wish to test the update on an old machine. To help you with that, see my system specs below and let me please know a "private" way to share the afdesign file with you. Many thanks k. (Computer was running a few apps with AD: Safari with spotify playing music and Mail. AD was in full screen mode on an additional monitor of 1920x1080px )
  10. Hi there, Just updated to 1.5.5 version of affinity designer and i can't work with art boards anymore. The app crashes every time i try to move an art board, or try to resize it, or duplicate it.. I have an old computer one might say, but this very same computer ran the very same app with the same heavy document yesterday. Thanks ! k.
  11. Thanks Meb, thanks David!! I hope to make more of these in the future, either in vector format or using spraypaint. A lot of work ahead !!! :) Peace, k
  12. If you wish, i'd be happy to receive any feedback from this community on this work or any other one you'll find in my behance portfolio. http://www.behance.net/LeProjector Most of these though, were done with Adobe products and spray paint. Affinity products weren't in the neighborhood back then. And you can't beat spray paint ;) Peace, k
  13. Hi there, Here is an image i did on Affinity Designer. It's still a work in progress, hope you'll enjoy ! Peace, k
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