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  1. RikkiH

    Fuji RAF files

    Any update on the Fuji RAW files issue please? It's not possible for me to upload via Apple engine at all. Just doesn't upload anything.
  2. RikkiH

    Fuji RAF files

    Hi Thanks for the response. I did have a go at that but the image just never loaded. Macbook is a bit of a dinosaur. I'll maybe try again though. Cheers
  3. RikkiH

    Fuji RAF files

    Hi Just got a Fuji X-T3 and i'm experiencing an issue when opening the RAW files into developer. At first i thought it was camera or lens related due to the fact that the issue can only be seen if the lens is not in it's widest position (it's the 18-55mm kit lens). A portion of the right hand side of the image is missing/blacked out. It is at it's worst with the lens at 55mm and gradually gets less as you zoom out. It can't be seen on the camera LCD nor on the JPEGs. I opened a RAW in Lightroom and it's ok. What's happening is for some reason the entire image data is moving over to the left, cropping the left side and introducing blank (black) pixels on the right side. I turned off lens correction which makes the area straight (parallel), with it on it has a curve to it. The wide angle image without lens correction is showing the issue whereas with lens correction on at widest angle it's ok. The two 55mm images both show it with lens correction on or off. You'll notice the JPEG screenshot (apologies for how dark it is) doesn't crop any of the photo frame's shadow in the background whereas the two images in Develop do. Hope that makes sense. I'll try the Beta in the meantime. Thanks in advance. I also can't view any RAF files in Photos, albeit a separate issue. Seems Fuji's RAW files can be problematic?