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  1. Perfect, thank you so much for your help, Dan
  2. Hi Dan, Thank you very much for your response! This definitily helped, however it raised some more/other questions So did I get you right, that it would be the better option to get the Affinity Store Version (= the version I can download on the website, right?)? Are there any differences to the Microsoft store version regarding UI, functionalities, etc.? I‘m really sorry for all my questions - I am totally new to this. That is way I would like to ask you what exactly you mean by „sandboxed“? Is it a disadvantage? Thank you very much for the link. Can you already tell when there will be an improved UI? Again, thank you so much for your help!
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to use Affinity Designer on a Surface Pro 6. I could only find some old comments to this topic, in which users described some problems using the software on a Surface and especially when using the Surface Pen. Is there anyone using Affinity Designer on a newer model of Surface Pro (6 or 2017) and working with the new Microsoft Surface Pen, who would share his ecperience? What do you recommend to install on the Surface: Desktop version or App version? I really appreciate your help! Thanks a lot!