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  1. Well, yes and no. The transparent rectangle is used for 2 purposes. 1 is to make sure its correct size, I need the icon have some padding around it. 2 is make sure there is a "white transparent background", so that the visual issue is solved. Here, transparent background means, the color code should be (255,255,255,0) instead of (0,0,0,0). Both are not visible and transparent, but the color is different. I'll attach a afdesign later, because I'm not allowed to upload the whole file.
  2. For some reason, we need icon/texture with transparent background, and this transparent background needs to be white instead of black or something else. You can check this article, this is the reason we need this: http://www.adriancourreges.com/blog/2017/05/09/beware-of-transparent-pixels/ Now, my workflow in Affinity Designer is, an icon, and a white transparent rectangle at back, center the icon with the rectangle, then export it to png using file->export. The way I test it, is using XnView MP to open the png, then right click the image viewer, check "use alpha channel". Then the alpha channel will be removed and show the original color. Problem is, after I export it, the background is black transparent, not white transparent. See screenshots. Screenshot 1 is a home button icon and a transparent rect. Screenshot 2 is the color setting of the transparent rect. Screenshot 3 is the view in XnView, with alpha channel removed. Then I tested with only a little bit of alpha, by moving the alpha slider a little to right, export it to png, and the alpha is correct white alpha, not black. But it's not the ideal result because it shows a little bit white instead of complete transparent. How to do white transparent background with Affinity?
  3. Thanks. Somehow the circle's fill mode is not alternate (I don't know what the other is called, I'm using chinese version), and the triangle is alternate mode, and after perform substrate, the whole shape's fill is the other mode. So, after substrate, change fill mode to alternate works. Thanks for the answer. Problem solved.
  4. I want to cut a form inside a circle. Before cut, it looks like this: If I move the triangle to almost the edge and leave the circle a little bit, and click cut, I got this, which is the effect I want. However, if I put the triangle in the middle of the circle, and click cut, I have this, looks like it's not got cut: The circle is filled with color, regardless of the existance of a shape inside. How to make a cut inside a shape?
  5. No, I don't have vpn, and I'm using company's network, and there are no vpns here. I just tried using another profile from browser, which use english language instead (browser ui language setting), and that works, it finally doesn't redirect me to zh-cn. So this is NOT our side's problem, because it seems ties to browser's language, not network itself. Also, if I manually change the url to en-us, it also works.
  6. Doesn't work. designer for example, my browser redirect me to this link: https://store.serif.com/zh-cn/checkout/?basket=6ab41cdd5cc439aea6279b6101c6e4b653cf5e23e926f1a8 and it's totally blank, no button, no text, nothing. And it's strange, I live in german but my browser is using chinese, I hope it will direct me to german or english version of website, but it keeps directing me to zh-cn varient for it, regardless where I click from, which is not what I expected.
  7. I found the website is totally chaos. - I can't register a account, there is only one "login" button, no register button, and I have to create a account within the "place order" page. - There is no trial version anywhere except the very bottom part of a specific product page, and as soon as I click it, the browser directed me to totally blank page and nothing happened.