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  1. I know right, I don't imagine a situation where you want to use a low res mode in a graphics focused program...
  2. Thank You All of You, Fixed it, looking everywhere found a checkbox in preferences that said Open in Low Resolution, unchecked and it's back to normal. How weird!
  3. It's a default settings Macbook Pro 15 2015, no dual monitor or any software for displays or related. It just affects Affinity Publisher.
  4. Just restarted It, the UI and documents still are in low resolution
  5. Oh I see, It now showed me the screen and I kept only the first 3 checkboxes checked, but it's still blurry/lowres.
  6. Thank You Very much for replying, it doesn't show ani dialog, tried shift+cmd , shift+alt/option and what you said shift+ctrl
  7. Hi I seriously need help, UI is in Low Res/ Blurry I have been trying posting this problem before but with no answer and now I am really dependant of this software, already tried to uninstall and install, update but no solution. It's for the Publisher Beta but I guess one fix covers all. 1.7 on OSX Please Help.
  8. Hi Everyone, woke up today to find this bug, was perfectly fine yesterday now everything is in low res. I am running MacOS Mojave (Macbook Pro 15 inch late 2015) with APB in 1.7.0 I think (just updated). Already tried to unistall it and install it again. Thank You Somebody can help?
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