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  1. In Mojave, have you tried removing and re-adding the AP extension? that worked for me.
  2. HenkeJ, I thought you would have read the post I’d put earlier about the work around, as yours was the very next post, I downloaded the free app ‘Open In’ which works well for me. I don’t store RAW files in Photo, so can’t comment.
  3. Cecil, my post wasn’t directed at yours, but others. I have 20,000+ photos in Photo and am editing frequently again now I have the workaround, it’s probably only one extra click than normal. Did have the issue on Mojave, but after removing the Affinity extension, restarting Photo and readding the issue went away.
  4. I don't understand all the grief on here, it's not a showstopper, not the end of the world, I think a liitle perspective is needed here, there is a perfectly suitable work around using a free app. We get free upgrades. I for one am happy to wait, not pay Adobe's subscription. These things happen.
  5. Right clicking on the thumbnail and choosing edit with Affinity Photo has never worked for me, have always maximised the photo, chosen edit then chosen Edit in Affinity Photo. Up until moving to Catalina it has worked. Now I find that if I have a photo that is 720x490px I can increase the size to 1469x1000 it will save, but resizing it to 2204x1500 will not, it gives the error 'unable to edit with "Edit in Affinity Photo" an unexpected error occurred." I have removed the external editors via the manage option and re-added, but still the error.
  6. Can be cured in Photo by clicking edit, click the circle with 3 dots, Manage. Untick all the Affinity extensions. Quit Photo. Relaunch Photo, click edit, click the circle with 3 dots, Manage. Tick all the Affinity extensions. But still get error if resizing upwards.
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